Visiting Greece

Visiting Greece

My dad studied Classics in college and for bedtime stories he told us sanitized Greek myths. I have three Athena statues in my office right now. One I actually got in Athens; the other two my dad just randomly sent to me. (He liked to send stuff. One time I opened the door and found five pounds of Smarties candies on my stoop with no note 👽)

Espen and I met Dad in Athens. He kept trying to talk to everybody in classical Greek, which I imagine would be like somebody speaking English to me like a medieval lord. Like, I mostly understand you, but what’s wrong with you?I had food poisoning & threw up right in the middle of the street while we were downtown. Dad purchased a donut that came in a paper sleeve, which he gave me to throw up into. I’m pretty sure he just wanted a donut and as a coincidence he thought I could use the sleeve. Needless to say, a flimsy paper sleeve was not sufficient to contain my next barf on the hotel shuttle. Dad tried to tell the driver what had happened by miming throwing up and going “blahh, blahh.” I guess he didn’t know classical Greek for “barf.” The guy seemed to understand.

For our hotel stay my dad had purchased Coke, Coke Zero, and Coke Light. No water. I was so sick and just wanted water but all the stores were closed. Somehow ice seemed safer than the tap water so my first night in Greece was spent eating ice and watching Reba, the only thing on TV in English. (As I write this I am wondering why my dad didn’t ask the hotel desk for water. 🤷)Luckily I felt well enough to go on our planned bus tour, which had a stop in Thermopylae, the site where 300 Spartans repelled the Persian army (you may have seen the movie 😄). Another thing I found annoying growing up but now think is pretty neat is how Dad seemed to be able to imagine the history as if it was right in front of him. He was very excited to be there. I’m sure he told me about the battle in great detail and I retained exactly none of it.

There were strikes going on so many of the museums were closed and I’ve planned to go back. Sucks I can’t go with Dad so I can ignore him while he tells me the complete history of every pillar of the Parthenon. 🙄🙂

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