Kampa Island & Views of Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

On our way to Kampa Island we climbed one of the towers on the bridge to enjoy the view. You can see the spires of the Tyn Church in the distance of one pic. I love the cute orange roofs of all the houses!

Tyn Church from Afar
Craft fair on Kampa Island

Kampa Island is a man made island (from the debris of a fire in the Little Quarter) at the foot at the Charles Bridge. It’s a really cute artsy area with interesting sculptures – including a row of penguins that light up at night and weird naked squishy-face babies – shops and restaurants, etc. There was also a little craft market in the park when we went there – it seemed to mostly be ceramics; maybe there was a theme we didn’t know about.

Naked squishy face baby


We later discovered the penguins light up at night

We ate at a really good restaurant called Pastar, a pasta (shocking) place that makes their pasta in-house. Although we loved all the Czech food we ate while we were there, it was nice to have something different for a night.

Watefront promenade

We returned to Kampa Island another day just to enjoy the park. We were accosted by some guy who was raising money “for monks” and insisted on giving us a book about interdimensional travel (or something).  I gave him 40 crowns which he was clearly disappointed with; somebody needs to work on his detachment.