Hey, nice marmot.

Hey, nice marmot.

Dad took me with him to see The Big Lebowski in theatres. I would have been 13, too young to really understand it. I remember sitting there kind of bored while Dad was next to me laughing so hard he could barely breathe. He especially liked the ferret in the bathtub scene. It was one of his favorite movies.

When we talked about the cremation, Espen and I both independently joked about putting the ashes in a coffee can (we tried NOT to spread any ashes against the wind, though). I did keep some ashes for myself– Folgers no longer makes metal cans so I got the cheapest can on the shelf.Today I was looking through more of the Doomsday Book and Dad specifically wrote “it might be a funny joke to bring in a coffee can like in Big Lebowski.”

I know this is a little tacky and ultimately I think I’ll spread the ashes in the yard up here–maybe to help out some pollinator plants–but for now it makes me smile, and it really ties the room together.

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