Flying Saucer Cookies & Alien Eggs

Flying Saucer Cookies & Alien Eggs

Obviously I had to have appropriately-themed baked goods at the Halloween party! I also challenged myself to make them gluten- and dairy-free. I’d say they were a success!

Flying Saucers

I googled around and found a basic GF sugar cookie recipe. I don’t think it matters which one you use, but as I learned, it DOES matter which FLOUR you use. It’s not something I’ve ever had to think about before. GF flours can be made of different stuff – usually they are some kind of rice or tapioca flour, but there are also brands that are based on chickpeas. Take it from me: if you try to make a sugar cookie with chickpea flour, it will taste like weird sweet bitter bean butt. I’m sure the flour would be good for other baked goods, but for a sugar cookie -where there is relatively little to mask the flour – you gotta go with rice.

Sugar cookies, some assembled, some not
Assembling before baking.
Sugar cookies, some with royal icing on them.
Some cookies covered in royal icing prior to painting silver.

They were pretty easy to make: use a biscuit cutter to cut out the body and a smaller biscuit cutter to cut the top. Originally I was going to just put the flat circles on top of each other (as I saw in some other recipes) but decided to use a little piece of dough to make it into an actual dome.

I sort of used Christine McConnell’s book as a guide, mostly in the sense that I was inspired by her photos, ignored the recipe, and then realized I had sort of re-invented her wheel. Although as I recall, she stacked the dough to make the dome whereas I put mine underneath and mushed it down. AT ANY RATE

Two sugar cookies, one lightly silver and the other a more solid silver
Edible dust vs. color mist

I tried to take Christine’s advice about combining edible dust with vodka but (as you can see on the right) I found that it was too thin. The silver-er saucer was done with those Wilton edible color mists. I’m sure I just got my proportions wrong with the dust, but the mist was so easy and fast that I used it for the whole batch.

Flying saucer cookies
Look! Up in the sky!

Et voila! I’m sure Christine would have crafted some beautiful black edible ink, but I opted for one of those little glitter gel tubes – it did the trick! I thought the cookies were pretty good but I did notice several half-eaten saucers sitting around after the party, so maybe they were just “good for gluten-free.” I ate all the rest so I ain’t mad.

Alien Eggs


Green cake pops in chocolate "dirt"
Alien eggs!

I guess I didn’t take any process photos of these, probably because they were a total eff up! The eggs were just cake pops (GF box mix because I’m not a superhero, colored green with food coloring).  I WAS going to make a shell for the egg based on Nerdy Nummies’ video (below), but with modeling chocolate instead of fondant because fondant is gross. Unfortunately, I did something really wrong with Christine’s modeling chocolate recipe (because of course I have to make it myself) and it was all crumbly and weird. It still tasted fine, so I just made a nest for the eggs and called it a day. PROBLEM SOLVING

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